job development training

This educational program for young adults teaches vocational job development skills while continuing to practice life and social skills. We contract with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who helps write program goals for each participant and work with our staff and professional artists to implement language and social skill goals while working on vocational techniques. Social skills classes and computer skills classes are also taught in small group settings.

The SEEDs for Autism studio is open Monday - Thursday from 9am to 1pm. Students can choose to schedule the days each week they would like to participate in. Tuition costs are very low and depend on how many days a week students attend. Partial scholarships may be available. Each day begins with a brief team meeting then students follow their schedule for the day to the various departments. In a typical day, a student will be in 2-3 different departments. Students work in every department to get an experience in each medium.

Once a month, students are invited to stay for social time where they can play games and spend time together. Weekend and evening outings are scheduled periodically and are open to voluntary participation.

vocational rehabilitation

SEEDs is a qualified vendor for Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and the State of Arizona Department of Economic Services.  Please contact your case manager or contact us to find out more.

EMPOWERMENT scholarship accounts

SEEDs qualifies as a resource for parents who have chosen to apply and receive funding for ESA funds. We can provide services for young adults diagnosed with autism, seeking transitional training and life/social skill building through an ESA. An Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) is an account similar to a checking account with 90% of the state funding that would have been received by the school the child previously attended. For more information, The Arizona Department of Education’s website answers a series of frequently asked questions or you can contact us directly.

SEEDs for Autism Summer Program

SEEDs for Autism offers summer day camps to youth 15+ who are interested in learning new skills, while also having fun. We focus on social skills while also providing opportunities to learn a wide range of hands on skills as team players. Each 3 week session is different from the last, so campers can do all 3 or they can select which ones work around their summer break. Projects include some of the following: science, culinary, computers, writing, arts and crafts, drama, field trips, and more.

enrolling soon for Summer 2019!

1st Session: June 3 - June 19 (every Monday and Wednesday, $300)
2nd Session: June 24 - July 10 (every Monday and Wednesday, $300)
3rd Session: July 15 - July 31 (every Monday and Wednesday, $300)

Each potential summer participant will need to schedule a tour and meet our director before being accepted into the program.
Contact us for more information or to schedule an interview!


SEEDs is a vocational training program that works directly with each individual who comes to our program. Our departments/classes are small, with a 1:1, 1:2 to 1:4 teacher-student ratio, thus allowing for concentrated and direct attention. Skills are taught in welding, sewing, weaving, woodturning, ceramics, jewelry, writing, computers and more. They don't come simply to learn arts and crafts, as all products are specific in detail and construction. We teach these categories because they are visual and require:

  • following directions and taking instructions

  • processing

  • meeting expectations

  • teamwork

  • hand eye coordination and fine motor skills

  • coping skills

  • self esteem

This hands on approach allow us to train and interact with our participants, building them up to be active participants who have a better understanding of what is required to communicate, express, deal with anxiety and be involved with others.

They learn from professionals who are experts in their fields and know how to create products that are useful and functional. Skills taught include inception, development, quality control, packaging, shipping, all the way through to customer service. The same is true with SEEDs. As we build and create home and garden items that are available for sale to our communities, we teach all aspects of a business to help recognize and understand the model and needs.

These products they make require production mentality, discipline, and focus in order to keep up with sales. On top of that, SEEDs is also creating a business model that is intended to eventually create jobs directly for a percentage of those who are in the program.

We rely heavily on community connections and networking with other nonprofits, whose mission is also to educate, this allows us to bring diversity to our participants, and collaborate.  It is our goal to introduce and appeal to a wide array of interests and concepts that connect with others in our state.

Finally, we exist to bring friendships to our participants with their peers. They have opportunities to enjoy such experiences through role playing, group activities, social curriculum, and the variety of clubs we offer.

SEEDs for Autism is a place without limitations, that offers encouragement, possibilities, mentors, friendships, and genuine life triumphs. 

"I now walk with purpose."
a quote from one of our participants