Our community donations are invaluable to help SEEDs for Autism keep growing!

Donate to Seeds

Your tax donation gives our participants direction for a brighter future. The beauty is, your gift comes with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona income tax return!

  • A tax credit can reduce what you owe in state taxes by $800 (married couples) or $400 (single filers).
  • Even a teen with a part-time job, by filing a simple form is able to redirect their taxes.
  • Tax payers may combine several tax credits each year: Working Poor, Private School and Public School, and Arizona Foster Care.

What was formerly known as the Working Poor Credit is now officially known as the Credit for Donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations. Approved charities’ names are listed on the Department of Revenue’s website.

How do I file for the credit? A line is included with your state tax form that you or your accountant will complete. Donations need to be made by April 15th.