Wizards, Wands and Wardrobes: A Sorcerer's Saturday at SEEDs for Autism

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Wizards, Wands and Wardrobes: A Sorcerer's Saturday at SEEDs for Autism


Join us for an enchanting experience of magical merriment at SEEDs for Autism!

This Saturday workshop is open to youth and

adults on the autism spectrum ages 14 and up

For those on the autism spectrum, finding opportunities to socialize and connect with others can be especially difficult. At SEEDs for Autism, we are happy to provide organized recreational activities in a structured, supportive environment where participants can engage with their peers, cultivate new experiences and have FUN! Spending Saturday at SEEDs for Autism will empower participants to explore their creativity, practice social skills and GROW!



Sewing improves hand eye coordination, inspires focus and cultivates emotional well being. Explore your creativity and develop your fine motor skills as you create your very own magical cloak and hat!


Who needs a broom when you can hitch a ride on your very own dragon! A traditional hobby horse gets a magical twist with this fantastic art project!

To complete your wizarding wardrobe, a spellbinding selection of SEEDs for Autism’s handcrafted wands will be available for purchase during the event!

Bring a bag lunch and get ready for a fun-filled Saturday celebrating all things magical!

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